Garage48 Arts & Robots 2020

15. jaanuar, 2020

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Throughout history, technology and the arts have been intertwined in a relationship, where the creativity and imagination of artists has driven innovation with their need for new technologies to realise the artistic endeavours. In reverse, emerging technologies have enabled the creation of new ways of art.

For six years, the Garage48 Hardware & Arts series has been bringing the hardware, software and design communities together to combine the physical and digital worlds of technology and arts in prototypes of novel ideas. The experiences we’ve gained and the community that’s grown around the events are now driving us to the creation of a new chapter of the Garage48 Hardware & Arts makeathons.

Together with University of Tartu and the support of Kõrgem Kunstikool Pallas/Pallas University of Applied Sciences we are really excited to invite you to Garage48 Arts & Robots 2020 – a 48h development weekend for building prototypes of ideas connecting bio- and soft ROBOTICS, hardware & software engineering and the ARTS.

Come and build a prototype of an idea combining hardware/software engineering with the ARTS or/and SOFT ROBOTICS.

Our 48h development weekend will be your playground to find the needed skill sets in new team members, guidance from experienced mentors and testing opportunities with our wide pool of materials and equipment.

This is a perfect place to test out crazy ideas at the borderline of technology, robotics and the arts. We anticipate creative ideas for robotic solutions that interact with highly delicate objects such as a human body but also demonstrate efficient mobility in unstructured environments such as wild nature and ruins.

Soft and bio-inspired robots are machines that have an organic appearance and produce analogue movement offering new ground for designing interactivity. It is the artists that can test the aesthetics and perpetual properties of soft robotics, while the engineers stay focused on the functionality.
Get wild, get creative and build the next big thing in the arts or soft robotics to create the next drive in the arts and technology historical cycle!

Students, working practitioners and specialists in the fields of
– hardware engineering
– software engineering
– mobile and web app development
– product design
– UI/UX design
– the ARTS
– material science and chemistry
– biology, incl entomology and botany
– medicine, rehabilitation, health care
– business & marketing

You can come with or without an idea!
Register here:

Top-notch mentors, materials & equipment for prototyping, all the food you can eat are guaranteed for you to make your wildest ideas happen!

Join the free participants BUS from Tallinn & Riga to Physicum and back:

More info about mentors, agenda and tips for getting ready at our website:

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Stay tuned for event updates and see you in Tartu!


Garage48 Arts & Robots 2020 is funded by European Regional Development Fund and University of Tartu.