‘Generative Audiovisuals and Interaction Design’ by Nuno Correia

05. aprill, 2016

Sündmuse detailid

Nuno will present his artistic work and his research on audiovisuals and interaction design. Regarding his own performance work, he will highlight the recent project AVZones (www.avzones.org). He will also present tools for audiovisual performance and interaction design with sound and graphics. Namely, he will discuss his work with a community of audiovisual artists and developers (www.gen-av.org), and a toolkit for interaction design with audiovisuals (ofxAVUI). These projects are part of his current research at Goldsmiths, University of London.

ABOUT Nuno Correia
Nuno N. Correia is a researcher, media artist and musician. He is interested in enabling interactive multi-sensorial experiences. Since 2000, he has been teaching and conducting research in media art and design, in universities in Portugal, Finland, Estonia and the UK. Nuno holds a Doctor of Arts degree in new media from Aalto University (Media Lab Helsinki), with the thesis “Interactive Audiovisual Objects“, and an M.Sc in innovation management from the Technical University of Lisbon. Currently, he is a researcher at Goldsmiths, University of London (EAVI Group), working on the project “Enabling Audiovisual User Interfaces” (http://avuis.goldsmithsdigital.com/), for which he obtained a Marie Curie EU fellowship.

Event information: https://www.facebook.com/events/110449766019204/