Storytek Meetup: Stories to immersive experiences and beyond

09. aprill, 2018

Sündmuse detailid

Want to know what’s hot in Virtual Reality, Artificial Reality and immersive media from groundbreaking storytelling, games, visualizations to building jaw-dropping experiences for world’s leading theme parks?

Join us Tuesday, 10th of April from 6PM to 8PM at Storytek’s Creative Hub, Parda 6, 4th floor for a one of a kind night with experience designer par excellence – Kathleen Cohen from @TheCollaboratorium.

Kathleen Cohen is a Senior Digital Media Strategist, she’s had a long and illustrious career developing multi-platform products for companies like DreamWorks, IBM, and Disney. Her focus is on building innovative and integrated customer experiences. She uses storytelling, data, and creative thinking, and is the founder of The Collaboratorium, Inc: a think tank and a digital production consortium. Kathleen is a data futurist, building on creative ideation, providing leadership, highlighting open source, shepherding data decision-making, and inspiring social innovation.

She is everything we love @Storytek and more.

Come join the future of the experience!