First Estonian designer joins 0.7 design

28. oktoober, 2014

FLY-basket-white--light-grey1-838748 640x3200.7 design is a design agency and design management company matching talented Finnish designers with companies interested in Finnish design located mainly in Japan.

0.7 design welcomes its first Estonian client, design: Monika Järg. The product outline, including various goods for life and living, the materials and manufacturers used, the professionalism of the designer Monika Järg with the team, the high quality and Scandinavian look of the goods made us think that she is a good pick and perfect for being introduced to our demanding customers. 

By promising a support of at least 0.7 per cent of its yearly profit for projects with goals for achieving Millennium Development Goals set by the United Nations, 0.7 design is a forerunner as a profit-seeking organization.