Food and digital media – among the national winners so far

22. juuli, 2014
Creative Business CupFor the past couple of months the Creative Business Cup National Hosts have been busy preparing and running their National CBC finals to find the top 5 creative entrepreneurs in their respective countries.  This year we have 60 countries signed up as National Hosts and up to 300 startups will join us in November. Most of our National hosts are still in the process of running their competition; however, some National Hosts have already found a winner, who will compete of the title as the world’s best creative entrepreneur and a number of prizes.

National Host Bulgaria: MEET – Ministry of Economy and Energy
Winner: Vanilla Kitchen 

Vanilla Kitchen has developed special recipes where clients can choose their very own cake and give them a user friendly and structured format for designing their very own cake.

“The Cake Generator” works, as an animated application, calculating nutritional info for the cake, the price and estimated time of preparation and delivery.

The goal is also to gamify, the Generator informing people about ingredients and nutrition, and involving kids in cooking and baking pastry with natural ingredients, creating the right cake according to your needs. 
There is no catalogue for cakes, ingredients, or design. All cakes are custom-made, so each client gets a unique cake, with more than 1000 possible combinations. The cakes are fresh, made from natural and healthy products like fruits, nuts, seeds, antioxidant-rich chocolate, unrefined sugar. Vanilla Kitchen does not use artificially coloured covers and decorations, sugar decorations or preservatives. 
National Host Denmark: Center for Cultural and Experience Economy 

Winner: GRØD

Groed (Porridge) is one of the oldest dishes in history, which people usually eat when they are poor or sick. This is something GRØD wants to redefine by not only about selling good, organic and inexpensive porridge, it’s also about giving people a good experience, with the interior, the porridge bowl and the service reflected in their “porridge bars”.

GRØD also focuses on retail, selling porridge mixes, homemade granola, toppings, cookbooks, baby porridge and many more, both in the shops, online, and in different Scandinavian distributers. Furthermore, GRØD does events, workshops, participates in festivals, street kitchen, TV etc., communicating the passion for porridge.

National Host Estonia: Creative Estonia (LOOV EESTI)
Winner: Aiden App

Aiden app software helps users monitor their state of depression. Aiden acts as a pocket therapist, helping to soothe one of the major contemporary problems of the world-Depression.
Aiden app aims to create an innovative design-solution that provides easy self-help therapy. Intuitive user experience is one of the key aspects of this kind of app. They wish to transform scientifically proven therapy methods into a user experience that is both easy and pleasurable to use. 

National Host Poland: STARTER
Winner: Professor Why

CTAdventure was founded by Marek Trojanowicz and Mateusz Marmołowski in February 2013. Their goal was to revolutionize the approach to education and to branch off from classical patterns of e-learning. That is how their flagship product Professor Why™ was born. 
The Developers concluded that education in the classical form is ineffective. Moreover, educational products cannot compete with a lot of games and entertainment products full of violence. Professor Why™ has made studying fun by having a competition with a focus on self-improvement and studying by socializing through social networking sites. Professor Why™ combines computer-generated images with reality, introducing the user to the exciting world of science that can be explored both at school and at home. The program lets the user carry out experiments and initiate chemical reactions in a safe and environmentally friendly way. All that a user needs is a computer and a webcam in order to change a room into a virtual laboratory.  

National Host Spain: Ministry of Culture
Winner: The Urban Roosters 

The Urban Roosters is an online entertainment platform aimed towards promoting and organizing online streaming rap battles.
Born as a “rap game” our platform lets you practice your rap skills and compete at different levels with rappers from all over the world using your computer.
The other users are at the same time the audience and jury of the battles, evaluating the abilities of the participating rappers taking part in the battle. The scores are used to obtain higher position in the rankings, enabling a greater visibility and higher reputation needed to become successful in the rap world. 
National Host: The Netherlands – Amsterdam Economic Board 

Winner: ByBorre

ByBorre started with the health industry. ByBorre were making pillows for people with dementia to make conversation with them through vibration, because their other senses were not reacting very well anymore. From there ByBorre developed a new way of 3D knitting with imbedding the technology inside connecting the wearer to people and places, becoming the ideal interface for many new user experiences.
The BB.Suit contains full Wifi and GPS and the concept is the result of a great collaboration between ByBorre, Martijn ten Bhomer from the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), 22Tracks (a music platform), CRISP, Daan Spangenberg Graphics and (a Dutch online magazine about Technology and Gadgets).