Forum „CREATIVITY? Culture after creative industries” in Riga Forum „CREATIVITY? Culture after creative industries” in Riga

16. mai, 2012

rigaTaking place at Tobacco Factory (58 Miera Street ) on May 22, the forum „CREATIVITY? Culture after creative industries” aims to understand how the emergence of creative industry concept has changed the field of culture in Latvia. What are the new rules of the game? How can we take part in molding these rules? The forum is organized by Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art in cooperation with CultureLab, Riga2014 foundation and the British Council.

As a rule, all talk of creativity and creative industries takes the imperative form – it encourages, asserts, and applauds. The forum „CREATIVITY? Culture after creative industries” provides a platform for questions. What are creative industries in Latvia and what they are not? What links are there between culture and the creative industries? What to do with creativity that brings no profit? How are the ideas of creative industries adapted to the local situation?


10.00-10.30 Arrival
10.30-11.00 Introductions to the forum. 
11.00-11.30 John Holden. Virtues and Vices of the “Creative Industries”
John Holden (United Kingdom) – an Associate at the independent think tank Demos where he was Head of Culture from 2000 to 2008, and a visiting Professor at City University. John’s interests are in the development of people and organizations across the whole of the cultural sector. He has addressed issues of leadership, education, cultural policy, creative industries, technology and evaluation. One of his recent publications have been on the relationship between creative industry and publicly funded culture. He has counseled the British Museum, Arts Council England, United Kingdom Department for Culture, Media and Sport and others. At the forum John Holden will present his perspective on how state and city input for securing culture and art processes has influenced the upsurge of creative industries in the United Kingdom.

11.30-12.00 Peter Inkei. What have cultural ministers to do with the creative industries?
Peter Inkei (Hungary) – head of Budapest Observatory, an organization observing, analyzing and commenting culture policies and culture funding in Eastern and Central Europe. He has counseled the Council of Europe, World Bank, has written a multitude of publications of culture policies and culture management.

12.30-12.50 Rasa Šmite. Culture – an industry of creativity or strategic driving force?
Rasa Šmite – new media artist and network researcher, founder and head of RIXC Centre for New media (2000), associated professor at Liepāja University and researcher at Leuphana University in Lüneburg, Germany. She holds a Master’s degree in arts from Art Academy of Latvia (2000) and a Doctor’s degree in social sciences from Riga Stradins University (2011) and her dissertation is published as a book under the title “Creative networks”.

12.50-13.10 Ieva Zemīte. What isn’t a creative industry?
Ieva Zemīte teaches culture economics at Latvian Collage of Culture, she has worked at the Dzintari concert all, been head of Latvian Event Centre Association, and right now is working on her dissertation, researching creative industry businesses in Latvia.

13.10-14.00 Lunch break

14.00-14.30 BerkVaher. Publicly funded culture and creative industries. An Estonian perspective.
Berk Vaher (Estonia) – writer, critic, lecturer, DJ, also cultural consultant. Berk Vaher teaches at Tartu University, was head of Estonia Writers’ Union Tartu department from 2005 to 2011, is board member at Tartu literature festival Prima Vista and culture newspaper Müürileht. He has participated in developing Tartu town strategy and has been on the creative council of Tallinn – European Capital of Culture 2011. Three-time winner of Tartu culture award – as critic and producer. At the forum Berk Vaher will comment on the relationship between creative industries and the rest of the field of culture, based on the experience of Estonia.

14.30-14.40 Introduction to solution workshops

14.40-16.10 Solution workshops (3 groups of discussions, you are kindly asked to join one of them)
RA? Should we apply idea of creative industries to cultural houses, art centers and other cultural institutions? Or do we want to see creative industry as a separate sector that is oriented towards profit and commercialization of creativity? What s Working language: English.

DO? What links are there between creative industries and (the rest of) culture? How should it be integrated in principles of funding for culture? How should be it integrated in the discussion of value of culture? Working language: Latvian.

ŠUMS? Should the support mechanisms for culture and creative industry be separated? What criteria should be there, not omit initiatives that lie „in-between”? Working language: English.

16.10 – 16.20 Coffee break

16.20 – 17.00 Resume of solution workshops

17.00 – 18.00 Panel-discussion – resume of the forum

The forum is organized by Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art, CultureLab, Riga2014 foundation and the British Council. Supported by: State Culture Capital Foundation, Tobacco factory, „Ir” magazine, online portals and, as well as EU programme „Culture 2007-2013”.

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