Funding, financing and supporting structures for cultural and creative industries

30. aprill, 2013

NDPC-logo20161111The main focus of the NDPC is on cultural and creative industries in the Northern Dimension area, to empower their cross border cooperation, exchange of knowledge and best practices, networking and development of larger markets for culture and knowledge based products and services in the whole ND area. Therefore the information about financing options in Nordic countries has been gathered on NDPC website.


All NDPC member countries have national and regional funding schemes for culture and the arts. Besides these public funding schemes for artistic creation the member countries also have private foundations that support culture and art projects with grants.

The sources are divided into five sections:

  • National networks and support organizations for further advice
  • Bilateral and transregional support schemes
  • Nordic support schemes
  • EU support schemes
  • Business angels and crowd funding 

Info on further sources can be sent to the NDPC Secretariat, and it will be included in the list.