Generator Sverige bids farewell

17. september, 2013

Sweden is one of the world’s most creative and innovative countries. The cultural and creative industries are one of the contributing factors to our prominent position. Companies such as Mackmyra Whisky, Spotify and Cirkus Cirkör have emerged here. The cultural and creative industries are gaining more interest globally and are playing an important role in the development of sustainable economic, social and cultural growth. The European Commission’s Creative Europe program starting in 2014 further underlines the importance of these industries.

Sweden has been working with development of the cultural and creative industries since the last 15 years. In 2010 Generator Sverige was founded with the ambition to highlight, contribute to competence development and collaboration within the field. The yearly Generator Conference has been an important meeting place for people working locally, regionally and nationally with cultural and creative industries development. In spring 2013 the handbook ‘TO DO’ was launched in Brussels, a book filled with good practices and inspirational methods for the development of businesses within the sector.

However, the future requires new methods. This is why the Board of Generator Sverige suggests to close down the organisation in its current form. The Board and Generator Sverige members will continue working together in new ways and formations, better adapted to a complex and rapidly changing world.

“We are proud of the work we have done to raise awareness of the cultural and creative industries in Sweden and we now hope that the Minister for Culture and the Minister for Enterprise and Energy will take the lead and give the concerned authorities a clear mission together with the necessary resources to continue the development of the cultural and creative industries”, says Hans Henecke, Chairman of the Board.

During this year’s conference, Generator Sverige will formulate the document Creative Sweden 2020. It will be Generator Sverige’s farewell gift to the future.

About Generator Sverige

Generator Sverige is the network devoted to development of the creative sector. At the core are Swedish regions and municipalities who by sharing good practices, information and working methods work to create the best possible conditions for the creative sector to flourish. Our network also includes companies and organizations in the creative sector, traditional industry and academia, and has an international outreach. We are passionate about cross-sector collaboration that drives innovation and development!