Guide on EU funding for the tourism sector has been published

28. oktoober, 2014

post447The tourism sector encompasses a diverse range of stakeholders, from governments and public sector agencies to companies, private sector associations, multilateral and intergovernmentalorganisations and non-profit organisations. A Guide on EU funding for the tourism sector (2014-2020) has been published by European Commission.

Support for tourism stakeholders can come in many shapes and forms. Tourism stakeholders can benefit from EU funding programmes, either directly, via co

-financing of projects, or indirectly,via studies or research, surveys, etc. carried out by the Commission through calls for the tourism sector.

With the adoption of the EU Multi-Annual Financial Framework (MFF) for 2014-2020, new programmes are phased in while old programmes are phased out. The new MFF brings simplification at various levels: merger of EU funding programmes for easier access to information, harmonisation of application procedures, … It also introduced the possibility to support new types of actions focusing for instance on smart specialisation. This guide reviews these continuities and novelties.
In this document you can read about nine programmes where it will be possible to seek EU-funding for tourism projects between the years 2014-2020.

The guide will focus practical questions such as

  • type of tourism-related actions eligible for funding
  • type and level of funding
  • who can apply and how to apply

The guide will be periodically revised to provide more recent examples of funded actions and updated information on the new programmes.

Download the guide here.