How to pitch to publishers

07. veebruar, 2013

hendrik lesserHendrik Lessor, the Managing Director of Munich based production house Remote Control Production  spoke about pitching to publishers in the INTERGRAME 2013 conference in Tallinn. Creative Estonia summarized the main expectations from the perspective of publishers.


Before the pitch

The creation and presentation of the pitch is one of the most important parts so you need to be prepared along with “pitchdoc” and video footage. “You must master and keep in your head some key points about your game, target consumer and budget,” Lesser said. “Keep your expectations realistic! Don’t be over-confident and do expect to make mistakes and/or even fail.”

The Pitch

Hendrik gave good advice how to make the most out of a pitch. “During your presentation be confident, convincing and show your passion. Sell not just your idea but also yourself as a company. About the visuals keeps them simple and bold,” Hendrik  suggested.  

“Behave well and think positive! Always introduce yourself and hand over your business cards. It is good to adjust your approach according to people’s mood. Speak slowly and clearly and get straight to the point.  But also be open and professional and accept criticism,” Hendrik recommended.

After the pitchHendrik Lesseradvised to be consistent and organized. “Establish timeline for yourself  and stay in contact,” he concluded.