ICE Architecture Workshop in Pärnu, Estonia, 6-10 February 2012

12. jaanuar, 2012

You are invited to participate in the international workshop held in the framework of the Pärnu Ice Festival which provides a unique opportunity to get to know the Nordic building materials – ice and snow.

Corresponding lectures will be held in the framework of the workshop during the course of which qualified specialists will give a summary of the possibilities on how to process ice and snow; and practical activities in building the ice/snow city will be carried out.

Participants’ accommodation and travelling expenses are covered with the help of the Norden Foundation.


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Come and let’s build together the first professional ice city in Estonia!

On behalf of the Ice Festival team,
Merit Miller
Tel +372 56480061

– ICE architecture workshop –

– ICE architecture workshop will be held in the framework of the biggest local festival – the Pärnu Ice Festival on 17-26 February 2010.
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The workshop introduces the use of ice and snow as building materials and gives a thorough overview of the historical and modern techniques on processing ice and snow. With the help of the marine biologist Jüri Tenson, ice is examined with a digital magnifier and general knowledge about  the climate is obtained.

– Engineers, specialists and students of architecture, sculpture, art and design from Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Iceland and Åland are welcome to attend the workshop.

– 5-8 ice/snow buildings for specific purposes will be built according to the design of Pärnu architects in the course of the workshop during which the teams will design and furnish according to the predetermined function. Locally manufactured artificial ice/snow will be used as a building material. The Ice City with its original architectural solution and lighting will become the central attraction of the Ice Festival. In addition to offering a beautiful sight, the site will be a daily venue for plays, concerts, scientific ice research and children’s events.

-Ice sculpture symposium ICICLE under the leadership of sculptors Rait Pärg and Üllar Kallau will be held in the framework of the ICE architecture workshop.

– Norden Foundation provides an opportunity to involve in the workshop people from different countries and to share experience on how to use this special Nordic natural building material in construction. Participants’ accommodation costs and the participation of experts will be covered with the help of the Foundation.

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