Intervjuu Stefan Siegeliga

19. jaanuar, 2012

Stefan-Siegel-S1Minifestivali ÖÖ – Was It Dream ajal käis Eestis oma kogemusi jagamas ‘Not Just A Label’ looja Stefan Siegel. Lotta Veromaa tegi temaga juttu ja küsis temalt mõned küsimused.

Öö came to Tallinn for four days 22-26 of November and was it a dream? To have amazing conversations with creatives from around the world and hear their stories. Rarely you get so up close and personal so quick. Or get to tickle your brain and ideas with Inspirational talks by Toby Meadows and Stefan Siegel. Talinn was given the cherries on top.

We decided to ask some more questions from Stefan ( to share a little what they do and who they are.

Stefan Siegel is the founder of ‘Not Just A Label’ a platform for designers and a world of resources for inspiration. It has over 6000 thousand designers from 88 countries and 16 million (!!!) hits a month. You could call it a design directory for designers of the beaten track. ‘Not Just A Label’ is supporting local and sustainable production and is on its way to having a strong impact on the fashion industry and how it works.

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