INVIO: from national cluster to international network

12. detsember, 2013

InViO logo-268x89InViO– the Danish Innovation Network for Experience Economy has taken the steps from a national cluster to an international network for the experience sectors (creative industries, events, tourist attraction, cultural industries and gastronomy/night life). During the internationalization process the InViO team has teamed up with more than twenty clusters and other organizations across Europe.


InViO promotes knowledge about the experience economy through new research, knowledge sharing, matchmaking and collaboration between companies and knowledge institutions. By strengthening companies’ ability to develop and innovate this will in turn lead to growth and job creation.

As a member of the innovation network you will be able to strengthen the development within your organisation as well as to create an upturn in your turnover. InViO is part of the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation’s initiative to promote grown in the Danish private sector.

InViO focuses on six particular areas of which experience economy, innovation and development are common denominators.

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Experience economy and societal challenges
InViO – Innovation network for knowledge-based experience economy categorises a range of central and general societal challenges concerning experience-based innovation and business development. Experiences support working processes, innovation, health and quality of life in a positive direction in that experiences hold the potential to differentiate products, to create a better well-being and thereby improving quality of life as well as inducing basic cultural and societal values into products, organisations, public spaces and landscapes.

Through the chosen innovation themes the network focuses on the following overall societal challenges:

  • Optimisation in treatment, prevention and improving quality of life within the area of social and health care.
  • Promote healthy and sustainable foods through sustainable experience-based business models.
  • Strengthen competitiveness within the digital and mobile content industry as well as promoting ICT within innovation, health and to improve quality of life.
  • Values and opinions in relations to health, foods, public spaces and ICT-based experience products.

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