KEHA 3 – from urban design to electronics

03. juuni, 2011

Keha 3 (founded in March 2009) is a product design and design management company that carries out both tailor-made product design and product portfolio development. Some of their main goals are to offer comfort and technological sophistication.

Keha 3 was founded by three men – product designers Margus Triibmann, Tarmo Luisk and entrepreneur Ville Jehe, whose (The)idea was to create the first design company in Estonia to handle the production chain in its entirety.

The designers at Keha 3 deal with interior design elements as well as street furniture and outdoor design elements. The product portfolio currently in production now includes two main product series and about 20 ready-to-use products. A good example is the furniture collection Elementaar created by Tarmo Luisk, which is aimed at youth and children. It is intended to solve various needs, especially in smaller homes, without compromising on ergonomics or user comfort.

Keha 3 is also prepared to manufacture all of its products in bulk. The company creates products for the Estonian market as well as for export, and deals with tailor-made design solutions for special projects as well as inventing new products on a daily basis.

Electronic solutions
In the field of electronic devices, Keha 3 designers are developing in-depth solutions using LED-technology. In addition to a design education, two of their partners also have degrees in the field of technology. This is invaluable when developing electronic products. One of their remarkable solutions is an adjustable power source for light diodes called the UTVA1 or Wannabe lamp. This lamp is small, but has good illumination characteristics. Therefore, it is a long-life energy efficient LED lamp, which can be used both indoors and outdoors.

In cooperation with different architectural bureaus, the company has vast experience designing cityscapes. An example of this is the Rotermanni quarter in Tallinn or Tartu Town Hall Square, where by developing the whole space, the designers could handle technologically complex lighting solutions and visually compact urban furniture.

Keha 3 has also won various Estonian design awards on numerous occasions.