Krealab No 1 – Not just another conference

26. september, 2013

billede1 krealab logoKreaNord is arranging KreaLab no 1 – a lab discovering how the Nordic countries will transform the society and business through putting the creative industries in a leading position. KreaLab 1 will make the Nordic countries into a hub for, and a globally leading model to, create social- and economical innovation.


Opening speakers:

Farshid Moussavi: globally renowned architects, professor at Harvard University, known to create interaction between different fields of knowledge. She is about to launch her own ”function lab” – to develop new insights into function in our times.

Reed Kram: selected world’s best young designer 2008. He has, together with Clemens Weisshaar, developed design process to transform partners such as Audi innovation and Nigeria.

Ronald Jones: has since the late 80’s been an internationally leading writer, curator, speaker and artist on the need to create social change through art and the creative industries.

The lab/workshop will have an unusually concrete purpose: to make communication and business models to actually make the Nordic creative industries globally leading. The event manifests a unique opportunity to create productive future collaborative forms between the different sectors of the creative industries in the Nordic countries.

The number of participants is limited. Please note that Krealab No 1 is not just another conference but is based on active participation. We want dedication and energy.

Participation is reserved from selected categories:

– Those active within the cultural and creative industries in the Nordic region
– The future, i.e. students from selected schools of creative industries in the Nordic region
– People of high interest in other sectors (industry, destination industry etc.)
– Selection of people from the Nordic countries and governments that will help implement the ideas further in line with Creative Europe, Europe 2020 and other related initiatives.

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