Meet 300 investors at slush in Helsinki

10. oktoober, 2013

68833 744575475558474 1407076614 nThe winner of our hackathon at Slush 2013 in Helsinki 8-10 November gets to pitch their idea to the 300 investors attending the event!In 2012 alone, they represented venture capital of more than 40 billion euros. 


   You don’t need to be a student to apply. If you are one, that’s fine of course, but we’re looking for people who have already had the chance to get some experience working on a project of their own as well. Anyone’s ideas are welcome.

On-site mentors to help you work on your project. What’s different with us is their background. While ordinary hacks mainly concentrate on technology, we think it’s just as important to get you ready for business.

   It’s not only about technology. After all, no matter how hopeful you are, without the tools you need to survive your first years, you’ll soon find yourself stranded. This is why we’re going for a good mix of both tech and business skills, including thinking of ways to turn your product into a seller.

  There’s no fee. But we want all participants to really commit to their project, so every member is expected to make a contribution to what’s happening. It’s all about the result of the hack: We expect the business the project develops into to let us and the other hack participants use their services for free, or let us have a small share in it.

   Consider what you get in return. We won’t be out of touch. Quite the opposite: You’ll get continuous help and support. We’ll help you get over those first few problems that stop so many ideas on the way up.

   A Hack Helsinki 2013 will bring together great ideas, experienced pros to help develop them, dedicated colleagues and hopefully soon friends, and the fuel to succeed: Access to potential investors like you won’t get it a second time.

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