Music in Europe

26. november, 2013
299Music in Europe is a European Non-Profit-Organisation that supports classical music and its operators in consideration of European added value (Europe 2020 Strategy) and the “Creative Europe” Programme (total budget of €1.46 billion for 2014-2020) that was approved on 19 November 2013 by the European Parliament and will be adopted in December 2013 by the Council of the European Union (the other legislator) in response to the proposal from the European Commission.

Music in Europe ensures European added value through the transnational character of its activities and their impact as well as transnational cooperation in classical music and follows the „Creative Europe” Programme to promote the transnational circulation of cultural and creative works through operators to reach new audiences in Europe and beyond.
Music in Europe promotes transnational cooperation of artists, institutions, platforms and networks in classical music with the priority to support young classical talents looking for an international career in Europe and beyond.

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