New Manual for Communicating CCI Projects

17. oktoober, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 6.58.56 PMA Manual for Communicating CCI Projects by Have Kommunikation had been released for NDPC – for wider use for any CCI communities, as the principles of communication described there are not sector-specific but rather CCI – general, link to the study here.

 Communicating projects within culture and the creative industries is not a simple task. Most such projects are complex by nature, which means they tend to contain an abundance of stories that the surrounding world might take an interest in.

CCI projects tend to operate within society’s engine room – adjusting, calibrating, or potentially revolutionizing those parameters that drive society forward. This gives CCI projects a great communications potential, because they focus on issues that the media will take an interest in. However, they also tend to be difficult to quickly decipher, which puts high demands on those who have to communicate them.

The study material for communicating CCI consists of four parts:

  • Cultural branding: How does the project correspond with the challenges and tendencies in society – and the agendas of the media?
  • Storytelling: The essential tool
  • Distributing the storytelling: Ensuring coherence
  • A rapidly changing media landscape: How to prioritize 

This study material is developed by Mikkel Elbech and Rasmus Navntoft from Have Communications, Denmark.