Nordic Growth Entrepreneurship – Joint status of the Nordic region and examples of developing growth entrepreneurship policy in Nordic countries

21. august, 2012
NORDEN_NordicInnovation_WEBNordic Innovation and Ministry of Employment and the Economy of Finland welcome you to this seminar where the findings of the first Nordic Growth Entrepreneurship Review will be presented and discussed. Furthermore, we will hear examples on developing growth entrepreneurship policy in Nordic countries and the current work on OECD-level.

DATE: 13 September 12.30 -17.30 (Registration and lunch from 11:30)

VENUE: Restaurant Katajanokan Kasino, Helsinki, Finland

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This seminar provides policy makers and other experts of growth entrepreneurship policy and growth programs with an opportunity to discuss the findings and recommendations of the first Nordic Growth Entrepreneurship Review.

The study was commissioned by Nordic Innovation and has been executed by a Nordic group of research organization with expertise in the area of growth entrepreneurship. The study will be completed in September 2012 and will be presented to the Nordic Ministers responsible for business policy and innovation.

The focus of the Nordic Growth Entrepreneurship Review is on the framework conditions for growth entrepreneurship and the companies’ performance in each Nordic country. Furthermore, the role of certain policy areas such as regulatory framework, venture capital, ecosystems and competencies will be studied.

The second theme of the seminar is to discuss the growth entrepreneurship policy and new initiatives in Nordic countries and opportunities for Nordic collaboration for accelerating business growth.

Participation at the event is free of charge and includes lunch from 11:30-12:30 and a cocktail after the event.