Nordic Photographic Event WEEK 37

09. juuni, 2014

phpThumb generated thumbnailjpgNordic Photographic Event WEEK 37 welcomes all Nordic art professionals to participate a seminar about Nordic cooperation and challenges, especially in the field of Nordic photographic art. The seminar takes place on September 13th at Hotel Restaurant Lasaretti in Oulu.

The theme of the seminar is Nordic cooperation and the challenges there might occur while cooperating, especially with differences in Nordic national funding systems.

Why do the artists have to pay their exhibition expenses in Finland but not in other Nordic countries? Why do Scandinavian artists expect to get a fee from the gallery they exhibit in? Are the differences in Nordic national funding systems and practices an obstacle for the co-operation on an institutional level? Maybe even a hindrance for artist mobility? Do the Nordic funding systems acknowledge the different Nordic practices in the field of photography?

This seminar aims at finding ways to face the challenges in Nordic cooperation and at developing new ideas for deeper collaboration in the future. 

Participation in the conference is free. Participants are responsible for covering their own travel and accommodation costs.

Due to the limited number of seats, we ask you to register your participation before July 31th.

Send your contact information for registration to

Registrations are binding.

More information:

Jaakko Heikkilä: from the series “Jesus Stands on the Swedish Side”