Printmaking Artist-in-Residence in Spain

27. juuni, 2013

PasswordPrintmaking logohablarenarte: welcomes one artist from Estonia to participate in a residency program in CIEC Foundation in Betanzos, La Coruña (Spain), and to take part in their annual Lithography Master Degree workshop. Besides, the resident will have the opportunity to realize a personal project during the residency and to exhibit in the venues of CIEC Foundation.

This open call for artists from Estonia is part of the international project “Password: Printmaking – travelling exhibition and art residencies”, organized by International Centre of Graphic Arts in Slovenia (MGLC), hablarenarte: (HEA, Spain), Frans Masereel Centrum/ Flemish graphic center in Kasterlee (FMC, Belgium), Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rijeka (MMSU, Croatia), Foundation Tallinn Print Triennial (TPT, Estonia) and International Print Triennial Society in Krakow (SMTG, Poland) and funded with support from the European Commission.

 „Password: Printmaking – travelling exhibition and art residencies“

European printmaking has a significant history within the art world. However, art production has seen radical change and the graphic arts within that, especially those that are more traditional, often tend to lose selective functions and meanings. A part of the practice has therefore become more focused on a decorativeness and the market mechanisms of commercial galleries and fairs, whereas the other part is developing its message in line with today’s art events and the expressive possibilities of the new media. All those committed to the research, promotion, collection and/or production of fine art printmaking in Europe are confronted by this situation. We need to question constantly where and how the graphic arts can be seen today, and where and how we could be putting more effort into their greater prominence in all areas of the art world (research, critical thought, production).

The project is segmented into 7 core activities:

  • ·Kick-off meeting and conceptual reflection on the contemporary graphic arts
  • ·Exhibition
  • ·Art residencies
  • ·Workshops and events
  • ·Staff exchange
  • ·Conference
  • ·Concept of the follow-up programme.

Included in the project are the coorganisers that have traditionally dealt with the research, promotion, collection and/or production of modern and contemporary fine art printmaking and art publications.

Art residencies make up an important constituent part of the project and the art residency

programme holds at its core a focus on creativity, research and critical thought in the field of art publications and fine art printmaking. Residents have the option of acquainting themselves with specific methods of working as well as specific technological possibilities of creating work, which contributes to the exchange of creative experience. Through the residential programmes, they connect with the local art scene and local public, gain new opportunities for expanding social and business networks, as well as actively engage in the education programme of their host institution through workshops or any other interactive form which may accompany the exhibition or activity of the resident centre or host. 

The works created as part of the residency programmes are to be promoted locally, becoming part of local exhibitions as defined by appropriate selection criteria, with single prints being included in the collections of the residential centre or host.