Ragnar Siil: “We need to get people to understand the difference between the symptoms and the core problems”

10. oktoober, 2014

Ragnar GruusiasIn the course of 2014 the RMCBU received requests from the Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia and from the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine to assist the authorities’ efforts to bring forth the reform of their national cultural policies.

After the EC’s approval of the two assistance projects, a first set of expert consultation meetings in Georgia and Ukraine kicked off on 1st-4th of September with a visit of Mr. Luciano Gloor, RMCBU Team Leader, and Mr. Ragnar Siil from Estonia, the expert selected by the European Commission for this assignment to Georgia and Ukraine.

In order to document and communicate from the beginning on these two ground-breaking initiatives of policy reforms, the RMCBU arranged a post-meeting interview with Mr. Ragnar Siil.

The interview with Ragnar offers not only an overview of the first results of the introductory round of meetings in Georgia and Ukraine but outlines also his ideas and views of next steps to be done as well as glimpses into Estonian experiences with sectorial culture policy reforms.

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