RAW Ideas

16. august, 2013

Conference RAW Ideas takes place on Friday Sept 6 in SLITE on the island of Gotland.

Site & Industry

Raw ideas initiated to create, modify and select Gotland as an inspirational and effective meeting place for design and creativity related to raw materials with sustainable development as a starting point.

8-12 Study tour on Gotland.

–                      To build new in a place without building traditional, but take advantage of materials, history and function of the landscape are main tasks for architect Martina Eriksson. She will show Easter part of Gotland with fishing villages and share her practices. 2009, she was one of 10 finalist of the magazine Arkitekture’s debut price for a house in this part of the island, Östergarn. Lunch before departure to Slite.

13-18 Seminar in Slite.

–                      Ewa Gołębiowska, Director of Zamek Cieszyn. The castle in Poland at the Czech border, she has made to a meeting place for designers, artists and manufacturers. Here she runs incubators in design, exhibitions, tourist office while she works to develop traditional industries.

–                      Hedvig Hedqvist, Journalist.Ludvig Svensson a 125 years old textile factory in Sweden and the history of meeting crises with openminded ideas, research and innovative technique”.

–                      Dominic Power,  Professor in Econimical Geography “Where does place and industry meet: linking culture and industry”

–                      Kerstin Wickman, Professoremiratus in desgin and craftmanship. “When the periphery becomes the center. The local’s power to create the new”.

–                      Håkan Widjedal,Architectstudio Widjedal Racki. Represent Sweden at La Biennale Architettura di Venezia 2012

–                      Johanna Skantze,  director at Generator Sweden, moderator of the afternoon.



–                      How can find new methods of knowledge transfer between designer, producer of raw material and production?

19.00    Dinner at GRASP Studio in Slite.

Thursday September 5 at 12-18 and Saturday September 7 at 12-16 Grasp Studio in Visby welcome you to the exhibition “The new housing” with new application of wool in the architecture. The presentation will be given by architect Martina Eriksson.

Organizer: GRASP Studio

Partners: Slite Utveckling AB

Price: SEK 2 450 plus VAT incl studytour from Visby, lunch, coffe am and pm, dinner. Transport from Slite to Visby.

Information about Raw Ideas: http://www.graspstudio.se/RAW_IDEAS.pab 

About 2009, 2010, 2011 www.rawideas.se

Booking and informationinfo@graspraw.se  0703 42 32 13     www.graspstudio.se
Booking travel, hotels and conference:  Romabokningen info@romabokningen.se 0498 290 350

Martina Eriksson,  Barbro Lomakka, Stina Lindholm, Helena Bloom, Karin Kloth, Mait Juhlin 

GRASP Studio

N Kyrkog 3, Visby & Storg 95, Slite

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