Report on cultural and creative industries in Italy

29. aprill, 2014

Culture Synapses – an innovation agency – curated the international version (compact and in English language) of a report published by Symbola Foundation and the Italian Chambers of Commerce, focused on the Cultural and Creative Industries in Italy. The report is meant to be a tool to spur the interaction between Italian excellences and international operators.

I am culture

“I am culture” is the title of the report on cultural and creative industries made bySymbola (Foundation for the Italian qualities) and Unioncamere (Chambers of Commerce). This study is the result of the work carried out by a numerous team of over forty profes­sionals, who every year put into prac­tice their knowledge and competenc­es in order to investigate on the role and importance of culture in all the dimensions of the Italian economic system.

The Report is made of two parts. The fist one, written by the Chambers of Commerce, restores the importance that the cultural and creative indus­tries have in Italy. The second one is more narrative and it describes the ongoing pace of the various sectors of the cultural industry.

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The whole report can be downloaded below:
Italian Quality and Beauty: Compact Report on the Cultural and Creative Industries in Italy (pdf)