REPUBLIC OF ESTONIA 100: competition for graphic designers and composers

23. oktoober, 2013
Estonian Academy of Arts, Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre and entrepreneursip portal present a competition for graphic designers and composers “Republic of Estonia 100 – images and sounds”. All young graphic designers and composers are expected to pariticipate from whom teams consisting of one composer and one designer are created.The task is to create a concept of symbols representing Estonia, its people and values internationally. The concept should consist of a musical theme and graphical symbols that are in accordance with each other.The concepts will be presented on 10th of December 2013 in Tallinn at the gala event where the awarding ceremony will also take place. The best ones will be awarded with prize money.The competition is co-financed by the Government Office of Estonia.
The Republic of Estonia will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2018 and will also hold the presidency of the European Union. Estonia needs an image to present itself to Europe. The image should be familiar to Estonians and understandable to other Europeans as well. The purpose of this competition is to initiate the idea generation process and create the basic vision.
• We are expecting all young graphic designers and composers to participate whether you already have a collaboration partner from the other field or not. 
• The registration is open until 28th of October.
• In order to register, send your self-description and portfolio to Also questions and information inquiries should be sent to the same address.
• Those who register alone will be divided into pairs during the workshop that takes place on 1st of November at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre. 
• The results of the competition will be presented on the 10th of December for which the teams will have to come up with a creative method for presenting their work. Representatives of different cultural organisations will be attending the event, thus, creating a great opportunity to introduce your profile and creations.
The specific criteria will be uploaded to The guiding workshop and grouping of participants will take place on the 1st of November at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre. Take the chance to present yourself, collaborate with artists from different fields and introduce your vision of Estonia!