Riga guide by One Wolf Latvia

13. august, 2014

What to do in Riga design-wise? Latvian fashion label One Wolf has provided us with a small guide that leads the design-savvy to the right spots in town.

Riga offers dynamic cultural experince and two main places for Latvian designers are almost like presenting museums of Latvian lifestyle, point of view and what people are believing. The main Latvian design shop is „Paviljons”, there people can find esthetic lifestyle , quality of materials and mostly Latvian essence. Latvian designers are gathering together also in showroom and concept shop „8 ROOMS”, which is more for specific group of clients, a sense of ellegance and high fashion. Also „One Wolf” is finding it’s way to the both places showing two sides of brand- urban character and also minimal style.





„One Wolf”

one wolf 

Cultural life in Riga is on high level and the main place to visit is Latvian National Opera, which gathers world- level artists of classical music.

Also  a lot of festivals are open especially in summer where art meets music, and people are included in different artistic experiences for example meeting fashion bloggers, doing creative actions outside their jobs and sharing their experiences together. 

In Riga people can also visit different music clubs, for example for more industrial and urban music always perfect are culture centre „Kaņepe” and „Nabaklab” but also many other places which are gathered in Riga centre, mainly in Old Town Riga. 

For more peaceful walk people are visiting and exploring architecture of Riga, here people can visit 800 years old Gothic churches, medieval building in Old Riga and wooden buildings. Also Riga is very proud of the latest project which is Riga National library. 

View of Riga, white building also known as Riga National library

view of riga 

Riga’s cuisine takes people to real Latvian taste, traditional meals takes to gastronomic journey and the most popular restaurant complex of Latvian food is „Lido” which helps to experience Latvian sense with native interior too.

Latest fashionable and also very healthy restaurant- bistro in Riga is „Terra restaurant”. Everything is always fresh and customers can make their own healthy meal, it is also a vegan friendly place.

„Terra restaurant”


Marathon, orienteering, and adventure competitions – those are only some of activities, which one may enjoy in Riga. Parks are perfect for jogging in summers and skiing in winters. Water resources, golf fields, motor sport racetrack there is something for all sport enthusiasts.








„Paviljons” team is ready for marathon


Nordea Riga marathon