Shaka to crowd-source weather data with personal weather stations for smartphones

21. mai, 2013

Shaka-Wind-Meter-in-handOut TeamLab product development event winner Shaka, maker of personal weather stations for smartphones, is now taking pre-orders for its first product. Its Wind Meter for iPhone measures wind speed and temperature and displays the crowd-sourced data in a smartphone app and via the website. The pre-order price is set at $69.90/€54.90.


“The wind meter is great product for personal use, but its greatest benefit is seeing measurements from other Shaka users in your region. Shaka will make crowd-source real-time weather data easy to use and access”, commented Raigo Raamat, CEO and co-founder of Shaka.

The personal weather station has sparked great interest among sailors, kitesurfing and windsurfing enthusiasts, hobbyist marksmen and even professional weather services. The majority of pre-orders to date have been made by individuals and businesses in the US and in Japan, followed by European countries such as the UK, France, the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark. 

The company promises a greater variety of personal weather stations as well as mobile and web apps for accessing its data in the future, starting with an Android app. It is also working on an API which makes its data available for other services and applications. 

The Shaka Wind Meter for iPhone is designed and manufactured in Estonia.