Smart Design, Smart Process, Smart Outcome

04. oktoober, 2012

smart-process-logo-blackSmart Design, Smart Process, Smart Outcome –  Seminar is a half-day seminar on creative leadership, new management models and work culture of tomorrow. Held on October 31 in Helsinki.

What will the Nordic corporate climate and work culture be in 20 years time??What changes must we face to become the future leaders of business? Innovative people are key to strategic success, they are the key to strategies’ realization. Both executives and employees play a big role in the success of a company – but will their roles be the same in 20 years? Who will be in charge of the strategy, who takes care of strategy implementation – and how?

Smart Design, Smart Process, Smart Outcome brings business leaders and creative professionals together and opens up the discussion on creative leadership and the future of work. Artists have competencies that, according to research, are key to the business development.
Key themes:

The future of leadership, management and business culture and the role of creativity and? arts in the development?. ?Our aim is to get a picture of what work life might be in the next decades


– What is the leadership and HR of tomorrow?

– How do companies run and achieve innovation now and in the future?

– What is the role of management in the future?

– How can creativity, artistic methods & tools be utilized in strategy work?

Showcases will be discussed.

Program can be found here.