Stockholm Fringe Festival call for artists

26. veebruar, 2014

stoffStockholm Fringe Festival (Stoff) is turning fiver years and the festival is now in pre-production. Last years event catapulted the Swedish fringe to new heights measured both in audience participation, media coverage and increased notoriety due to an exciting programme headlined by John Malkovich. The stoff 2014 artist call is open now and we are now looking for interesting talent from around the world.


Last years artist call attracted over 1600 artist from 50 countries. 

Short  Stoff 2014 artist call info: 

  • International Festival 
  • Application deadline March 7th
  • 2014 dates: 13-16th of Aug
  • Venue: Kulturhuset Stadsteatern ( The cultural lounge room of Stockholm)

Stoff is a multidisciplinary festival with equal amount of:

  • Performance
  • Theatre
  • Mime
  • Dance
  • Stand up comedy
  • Spoken word
  • Installations
  • Live music
  • Audio visual art
  • Installations
  • Mobile art
  • Mixed genre pieces.
  • Other

Know your Stoff:

  • Stoff is a non for profit charity
  • Our main goal is to promote innovation through performance.  
  • Stoff has since its launch 2010 attracted thousands of artist applications from around the globe. 
  • Stoff is based in Stockholm, also called Stoffholm
  • Stoff is not linked to any political or religious movement. 
  • Stoff promotes equality, democracy and the freedom of speech. 
  • Stoff is a green festival and has since 2012 been a part of a Keep Sweden Tidy’s ENVIRONMENTALLY CERTIFIED EVENT programme.
  • Stoff encourages to sustainable  arts/touring practices and ecological festival management
  • Stoff is also Young Stoff (our youth branch) and StoffNet (Our Networking branch)

Who do we work with?  Why should you get involved? Who else is onboard?

  • “Many little streams create a river” – we work with an average of 60 partners per calendar year. 
  • Our main partners include the City of Stockholm
  • Team Stoff have over the years established partnerships with several diplomatic missions in Stockholm. The collaborations have ranged from entire programme modules to individual acts. Artist, curators and industry representatives from many countries have frequent the previous Stoff editions. We like to build on that trend and welcome your suggestions as to who should represent your country/region at Stoff 2014.

Why should artists apply?:

  • Talent showcased at Stoff benefit from a programme spot not only due to the exposure and networking possibilities, but also because of the value of the venues involved. 
  • Renting a stage/gallery space at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern is out of reach for most companies and goes behind most cultural support budget of most Stockholm based embassies and cultural institutes. 
  • Stoff bridges the gap and offers emerging talent to be seen on a national stage/forum in a international context.
  • Stoffs website gets up to 15 000 hits per day during “rush hour” months. 
  • The Fringe is not just a platform for talent to showcase their work but a networking place. 
  • Artist meet potential future collaborates and are exposed to curators from across the continent. 
  • Stoff Artists get free entry to all shows/events
  • All programmed artists are eligible for the Stoff 2014 Fringe Awards. 
  • The Stoff 2014 Fringe Awards categories:
    • Audience Choice Award
    • Emerging Talent Award
    • Out of the Box Award
    • Sustainable Performance Art
    • Expect the Unexpected Award
    • Audio Visual Award
    • Stoff 2014 Grand Prix Award

For more information on Stoff 2014 please visit:

If you have an upcoming showcase event in your country that aims to promote contemporary performance/art please add Stoff to your curator list. We love to experience acts live when possible –