StrtupBus Europe invites designers to challenge yourself

02. oktoober, 2014

StartupBusLogoGreyBuild a product & launch a startup in 72 hours on a bus heading towards Europe’s premium tech conference in Vienna. October 25-28 buses from 8 European countries depart on the challenging ride of a lifetime, including Estonia.


Alltogether 40 designer, developers and entrepreneurs will be chosed to board in Estonian bus. Applications are open until October 15 for all international entrants with a special focus on talents from Finland, Latvia and Estonia.

The aim of the 3-day ride is to build technically innovative solutions to address real customer problems. The ‘buspreneurs’ must introduce a working prototype, validate the business model and find early paying customers. Throughout the journey, leading mentors will consult the participants on matters of design, development, business modelling and online marketing.

StartupBus Estonia invites to apply designers, who have plenty of ideas for UX, IX, and UI design solutions. It is an opportunity to challenge yourself and learn with developers, how to work effectively in agile development framework. Your work will be seen by 200,000 people within few hours.

The winner of StartupBus Europe will be announced on the main stage at Pioneers Festival, Europe’s premium technology conference.

“This journey is crazy. You meet up people who are so talented, and get to build world-changing projects them, and eventually become friends. We work hard, and play hard. And eventually when you arrive back home feeling totally exhausted, your mind is clear and refreshed.”

StartupBus route passes Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic and Austria. The participation fee is 200 EUR. Fee includes all transport and accommodation expenses during the Tallinn-Vienna leg (2700 km, 3 nights, 3 meetup events) on October 25-28.


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