Study: “Creating, innovating, disrupting through A&B organisations”

30. juuli, 2014

CAB-logo blue1KEA’s study “Creating, innovating, disrupting through A&B organisations”, elaborated within the frame of the European project Connecting Arts & Business, the European value of Arts & Business (, has been released.

The main aim of this study is to identify innovative and successful A&B practices in Europe through the elaboration of a typology and an inventory of A&B initiatives, with the focus of the research lying on the key role played by intermediary organisations that bring together these two worlds and facilitate exchanges and collaborations among them. The study provides a description of A&B organisations in Europe, accompanied by an explanation of the different features they may present, and shows the different ways of understanding, defining and approaching the concept of A&B across Europe. It suggests a typology of A&B initiatives. Ranging from more traditional ones such as corporate patronage and sponsorship, to more recent trends like cross-sectorial innovation actions or artistic interventions, from training activities to awareness-raising actions.

The study illustrates how these two worlds can collaborate together for mutual benefit —by exchanging knowledge, skills, resources and creating together new solutions to the challenges they face. It proposes the notion of an A&B ecosystem where A&B initiatives become the mechanisms used by A&B organisations to help generate such an ecosystem and contribute to its sustainability. The methodology used to elaborate the study was based on a survey sent to 103 organisations in 13 EU countries and completed with extensive desk research as well as interviews.

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