Tallinn Manifesto- new tool for creative industries strategy development

13. detsember, 2011

altAs a result of the international conference Creative Entrepreneurship taken plake in Tallinn in October, the Tallinn Manifesto has been issued – focusing on healthy development strategies in creative economy. The Manifesto was composed by more than 200 creative industries experts from 25 countries.


With the economic crisis, plus crises in confidence and identity, we need a rethink on the role and value of the Creative Economy and a refreshed approach to policy and strategy. The role of creative economy is increasing, providing extra value in many fields, being  productive, value-adding, sustainable, resilient, inclusive and fair. The Manifesto provides policy makers with practical tools to be used in the development and integration of creative economy.

“Today there are too many strategies and not enough practical approaches. Culture and arts play an important role in our creative industries and in economy as a whole. It is an interrelationship. Tallinn Manifesto, functioning as an open tool for development across creative economy,”  said Tom Fleming, creative industries expert and principle author of Tallinn Manifesto.

Tallinn Manifesto focuses on the role of creative talent in the field of education and employment, also on innovation regarding the cooperation of creative and traditional businesses. Establishing new infrastructure in the context of rapid digital development has to be considered daily. Also new principles of „creative cities“ in context of developing different areas and creative management are introduced.

The Tallinn Manifesto – a Tool for Strategic Development across the Creative Economy