TEA Publishing

03. juuni, 2011

TEA Publishing, one of the private first private enterprises in re-independent Estonia, started out as a language school in 1988. Very soon a publishing house was added to the language school because at that time the need for contemporary language textbooks was acute. Today TEA is one of Estonias biggest publishers. TEA is a well-known name among language students in Estonia, as well as abroad. Language textbooks, grammar textbooks and dictionaries written by authors working for TEA are published in many countries, including Russia and China.

In total, TEA has published close to 1000 titles and in the last decade 1.5 million copies have been sold in Estonia. Subscribers to TEA´s books come from more then 60 different countries with 75 000 in Estonia alone.

The main field of TEA´s publications includes dictionaries, language textbooks, encyclopaedias, phrasebooks, travel guides, children´s books etc. These are competitive with similar publications from the world´s best-known publishers. An increasing number of books are being published as eBooks on CD-ROM, DVD and the internet etc.