The European Heritage Label highlights European integration, ideals and history

03. detsember, 2013

The European Heritage Label is a scheme to highlight heritage sites that celebrate and symbolise European integration, ideals and history. It was launched in 2006 as a way to bridge the gap between the EU and its citizens by improving knowledge of European history and the role and values of the EU. The selection panel has recommended to award the label to the Great Guild Hall (Estonia) among others.


The selection panel appointed to assess applications for the European Heritage Label has issued its report and recommended that Carnuntum Archaeological Park (Austria), the Great Guild Hall (Estonia), Peace Palace (The Netherlands) and Camp Westerbork (The Netherlands) should be awarded the European Heritage Label in 2013.

Specifically the European Heritage Label will:

  • designate sites which have played a significant role in the history of Europe and the building of the EU
  • choose sites on the basis of their European symbolic value, rather than beauty or architectural quality
  • help people learn about our shared cultural heritage, the history of Europe, the building of the EU, and the democratic values and human rights underpinning it
  • encourage networking between the sites and heritage professionals, to share experience and best practice
  • help increase cultural tourism, with the economic benefits which flow from it.

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