The President of Estonia Toomas Hendrik Ilves: It is important to understand the entirety of creative arts.

20. detsember, 2011

ilvesFrom 19th until 21st of October the largest creative industries event took place in Estonia – international conference Creative Entrepreneurship for a Competitive Economy that was opened by the President of Estonia Toomas Henrik Ilves.

The President emphasises that it is essential to develop an understanding about creative industries. Estonian GDP is actually much influenced by arts. Today, creative industries are not fully reflected in economic statistics, it is difficult to measure the sector in Euros.

Creative Entrepreneurship is not a new concept, it has evolved and existed throughout time. Historically, most artists needed a dayjob to survive besides the arts. It was not until technology and mass production came, creating a market for culture and arts.

Distinction between elite and popular culture is not adequate when talking about creative entrepreneurship. For example music industry is also part of arts. It is important for the government to support art in its various forms.

What we also need to focus on is the management of arts on all levels: public and private. Small nation like Estonia cannot bear the image of a starving artist – we have to keep them busy and creative. Creating something special takes time, let us keep in mind that values are created right now.