The third creative industries mapping in Estonia

30. september, 2013

LoovEestiEstonian Institute of Economic Research carried out the first study of the creative industries in Estonia in 2005 and the second in 2009. In this third creative industries mapping, which was compiled in 2013, we analyze how the number of creative enterprises and organizations, the number of employees, revenues and profits has changed in 2007-2011.

 Creative industries is a sector of the economy, which is based on individual and collective creativity, skill and talent and which have the potential for wealth and job creation through the generation and exploitation of intellectual property. Creative industries generate direct economic benefits and environment that enables other economic entities to be more competitive and find consumers. Over the years there has been an increasing understanding that culture can add important value to the economy and support country’s image, shape the identity and image of goods and services, sell those for much higher price.

This report gives an overview of the structure and volume of the 13 creative industries sectors:

Architecture Film and video Publishing
Design Performing arts Libraries
Handicrafts Museums Music
Arts Entertainment IT
Advertisement Broadcasting

In 2011 the creative industries sector employed 29 200 people, equivalent to 4,8% of the employed persons in Estonia. Over the five years the proportion of people employed in the creative industries has increased (4,3% of the employed persons in 2007). Number of enterprises and organizations in creative industries was 7066. This comprised 11,4% of the total number of Estonian enterprises in 2011. In 2007 creative enterprises and organizations share of the total number of enterprises in Estonia was below 10%. Creative industries turnover and organizations receiving state subsidies income in 2011 was over one billion euro, which accounted for 2,3% of the enterprises turnover in Estonia (2,6% of the enterprises turnover in 2007).

Enterprises and organizations in the creative industries are smaller than the enterprises in the wider business community. The average number of people employed in the enterprise or organization has decreased from 5,7 people in 2007 to 4,1 people in 2011. Each enterprise or organization in the creative industries generated revenue 150 900 euros and each employee in the creative enterprise or organization generated revenue 37 000 euros.

In 2011, the creative industries value added totaled 426 million euros, or approximately 2,7% of GDP. Over the past five years the share of the creative industries of the total economy has seen a slight decrease (2,9% of GDP in 2007). Creative enterprises and organizations are not yet fully recovered from the economic crisis.

The report was commissioned by Enterprise Estonia and was done jointly with the Estonian Ministry of Culture.