Turning DNA into ART

03. juuni, 2011

Once upon a time, 8 months ago to be exact, a professor, who appreciates Pärt, Picasso and Rembrandt was wandering the narrow corridor of a biology institute considering what should decorate these empty walls.

Passing a lab he saw the simple black and white gel images used in DNA testing and wondered if this was it?

He got on Skype and called an artist friend from whom he had purchased some paintings for his home and some as gifts for his friends. They discussed combining DNA and art and this has initially resulted in large colour field paintings potentially based on the client’s own DNA. At the time they had no idea of the business potential of DNA Art Development.

Immediate success
The first six months of DNA Art Development (DAD) have yielded very positive feedback as well as the first customers globally. “The DAD platform is now used by genomics companies in Scandinavia and Italy, who are now in the process of making the DNA Art services available to their existing customers,” says Indrek Kask, founding father of DAD.

“Selected printing houses focusing on large canvas prints are preparing to offer this highly personalized form of modern art as a new product line both for their corporate design customers and end users,” adds Oliver Kennik, the Design Coordinator at DAD, “In addition, we have our team working hard in the background to make sure everything runs smoothly and to develop the services and products further.”

What’s the future?
Mass production is here to stay. “Perhaps this is why so many are interested in something more, something special, something personal. Personalization is the theme of the millennium,” enthuses Taavi Einaste, General Manager at DAD.

DAD is trying to take personalization as deep as possible. To take it to its “roots” as they say. They are planning to develop the product line by working closely with visionaries, haute couture designers and supercar creators. “Those who can, have ivory in their cars, but no “optional” feature makes a product or a service more personal than the code of life – DNA. It’s truly yours, and it’s unique,” explains Neeme Praks, Technology Adviser at DAD. New winds in the world of art come in combination with science.