Working group on cultural and creative industries will be launched

03. aprill, 2013

NDPC-logo20161111The Partnership on culture undertakes the next step to develop a common language between culture and business for the benefit of thousands of entrepreneurs, who produce goods and services throughout the Northern Dimension area, utilizing cultural and creative ideas.


The brand new working group on cultural and creative industries will be launched during the Northern Dimension Business Forum in Saint- Petersburg on April 4, 2013.

Two organizations from the Northern Dimension “family”, the Partnership on Culture and the Business Council will organize a Round table dedicated to opening of the Working group on cultural and creative industries.

The purpose of the joint action is creating an effective regular consultative forum involving creative practitioners and the business sector, which will be essential for cross sector policy development. Promising huge potential, cooperation between the NDPC and the NDBC implies significant level of work in the future. The Working Group on CCI will facilitate promotion of enterprises operating with culture and creativity for wider international consumers and thus contributing to growth and social development.

Moderators of the Working Group and the Round table are the well-known companies “Rovio” from Finland and “Marmelad” from Russia.

This year’s Forum will be devoted to important issues associated with deepening trade and economic cooperation and movement from predominantly trade activity to investment in various sectors of national economies within the Northern Dimension. Traditionally, special attention will be paid to the regions of the North-Western Federal District of the Russian Federation and neighbouring European regions.

Representatives from Russian and European ministries, agencies, and regional administrations as well as national and foreign business circles have been invited to participate in the Forum.

About the Northern Dimension Business Council

The Northern Dimension Business Council has developed its activities to involve and integrate companies as a part of the Northern Dimension policy, so that companies could achieve competitive advantage through their active participation in Northern Dimension cooperation. NDBC aims to implement in the ND area the idea that competitiveness of any region in the world is based on trust between government and business; with a clear division of tasks, rights and responsibilities between business and government.

NDBC has set the following goals to guide its work, 
– it is a platform for interaction, experience-sharing and networking between companies. 
– it ensures that the view of business community will be taken into account in developing the Northern Dimension policy. 
– it is a platform for the dialogue between business and government structures.

The NDBC co-chairmen since its establishment have been Mr. Tapio Kuula, President and General Director of “Fortum” Corporation and Mr. Alexey Mordashov, Director General of “Severstal”.