Call for Papers: Design Thinking and Social Justice, Copenhagen, 2014

29. november, 2013

logoThe 7th Art of Management and Organization conference will be held in Copenhagen on 28th-31st August, 2014. A call for papers has now been announced for the “Design Thinking and Social Justice” stream.


Design Thinking and Social Justice

The Design Thinking and Social Justice –stream brings into focus the need for the creative impulse as well as the foundational basis of design to bring about socially just and sustainable values in the organizations where we work and in society at large.

This stream invites accounts of experiences of and research on environments/ processes/ scenarios/ road maps of design thinking and participatory design where everyone becomes a part of creating a more desirable future by taking action when faced with a challenge.

Your proposal, a 500-word abstract, should be emailed to all three individuals on the contact list below as an attachment no later than December 5, 2013.


Anu Mitra, Ph.D., Doctoral Faculty, School of Education, Union Institute & University, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Katja Lindqvist, Ph.D., Associate Senior Lecturer, Department of Service Management, Lund University, Sweden

Per Darmer, Department of Organization, CBS

For more information, read the full invitation here, and visit

The Art of Management and Organization Conference –website.