Fanvestory pakub muusikateoste autoritele võimalust kaasata fännidelt raha loomingu edendamiseks, võimaldades fännidel saada osa teose kasutamisest tekkivatest tuludest. Lisaks finantseeringule toimib platvorm tugevat fännisidet loova turunduskanalina. Artisti toetamise eest pakume inimestele erinevalt tavalistest ühisrahastuse platvormidest võimalust loo edu korral teenida ka reaalset rahalist kasu.

How artists can use Fanvestory?
Each song is an intellectual property „IP“, which is owned by the song creators that could consist of artist, songwriter, producers etc. All songs and the ownerships are registered at collective management organizations (CMOs) and it is possible to track how much particular songs have generated revenue from radio plays, streaming, downloads, live performances, etc. Those revenues are fairly shared between the owners of copyright.
How Fanvestory process looks like?
Fanvestory organizes the process of financing artists by giving them cash up-front for their future royalty earnings that are gathered by the CMO’s and other distributio channels. Artists/songwriters will promise to share their future royalty earnings with fans, while fans support artists today by giving them financial instruments needed in the current moment.
Why artists should do it?
Creating a piece of music is long process and has high costs. Usually the success of the song depends on the possibilties to finance the promotion (concerts, PR, music video etc). Artists can use money from Fanvestory in order to pay for the promotional costs of the song before it will start making money. The other thing is the volume of new music that is released each day. It is really hard to be remembered and engaged with their fans. Fanvestory helps to create a deeper connection with the fans and boost the long term promotion.